SMS Price List

We provide SMS facility for our user. We sale both 'Promotional SMS' and 'Transactional SMS' in combo pack and separate. You can purchase any of the pack given below. Please scroll down to see the difference between them.

Promotional SMS Pack

1301000 SMS1 Month13 Paise
7505000 SMS12 Months15 Paise
140010000 SMS12 Months14 Paise
500050000 SMS6 Months10 Paise
10000100000 SMS12 Months10 Paise
35000500000 SMS12 Months7 Paise

Transactioal SMS Pack
2001000 SMS12 Months20 Paise
150010000 SMS1 Month15 Paise
400025000 SMS12 Months16 Paise
700050000 SMS6 Months14 Paise
750050000 SMS12 Months15 Paise
14000100000 SMS12 Months14 Paise
55000500000 SMS12 Months11 Paise

Combo SMS Pack (Transactional+Promotional SMS)
150500 Tr. & 500 Pr. SMS1 Month15 Paise
7001000 Tr. & 4000 Pr. SMS3 Months14 Paise
8002500 Tr. & 2500 Pr. SMS6 Months16 Paise
9004000 Tr. & 1000 Pr. SMS12 Months18 Paise
16007500 Tr. & 2500 Pr. SMS6 Months16 Paise
25006000 Tr. & 20000 Pr. SMS1 Month9.5 Paise
300012500 Tr. & 12500 Pr. SMS3 Months12 Paise
350020000 Tr. & 6000 Pr. SMS6 Months13.5 Paise
450012000 Tr. & 38000 Pr. SMS1 Month9 Paise
550025000 Tr. & 25000 Pr. SMS3 Months11 Paise
600012000 Tr. & 38000 Pr. SMS12 Months12 Paise
650038000 Tr. & 12000 Pr. SMS6 Months13 Paise
1100025000 Tr. & 75000 Pr. SMS12 Months11 Paise
1200050000 Tr. & 50000 Pr. SMS12 Months12 Paise
1300075000 Tr. & 25000 Pr. SMS12 Months13 Paise
2000050000 Tr. & 150000 Pr. SMS12 Months10 Paise
22000100000 Tr. & 100000 Pr. SMS12 Months11 Paise
24000150000 Tr. & 50000 Pr. SMS12 Months12 Paise

Click here to download Mentor-SMS sms sending software (single user). You do not require to install any supported software.

First Time Offers -
Purchase any pack above 10,000/- and get Mentor-SS or Mentor-DS sms sending software (single user) of Rs. 7,500/- in Rs. 3000/-. Get direct discount of Rs. 4500/-.

You will get api support free. You can use api to send your SMS and check balance.

*** Send Transactional SMS *** user Name) &password=(Your Password) &sender=(Your Sender ID)&mobile=(Mobile No.)&message=(Message Text)

*** Send Promotional SMS *** user Name) &password=(Your Password) &sender=(Your Sender ID)&mobile=(Mobile No.)&message=(Message Text)

*** Show SMS Balance *** user Name) &password=(Your Password)

*** Show Transactional SMS *** user Name) &password=(Your Password)

*** Show Promotional SMS *** user Name) &password=(Your Password)

Terms and Condiftions
1) You can not send any SMS as a Transactional SMS which is not approved by TRAI. If there is any common SMS which you want to send, first approve before using it.
2) You can get first time offer on first recharge only. You can get addtional offers in software or on our website. You can get offer as per their terms only.
3) All figures are in INR (Indian Rupees).

What is the difference is 'Promotional SMS' and 'Transactional SMS'?
There is no specific defination for Promotional SMS but a SMS which is not a Transactional SMS is Promotional SMS.

Promotional SMSTransactional SMS
1) These are not predefined and approved from TRAI.1) These are approved from TRAI as a template.
2) These are DND filtered SMS. If there is DND service active on the mobile, these SMS are not sent to them2) These SMS are send to all numbers.
3) You can send these SMS From 9AM to 9PM only.3) You can send these SMS in any time on any day.
4) Example - Deposit with us and you will get 10% interest on FDs. XYZ Bank.4) Example - Your salary Rs. 10000 has been credited to your a/c no. 123456. XYZ Bank.

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